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Lincoln Town Car (Seats 4)The Presidential SUV (Seats 5)The Yukon SUV (Seats 6)Silver Streak (Seats 10)Silver Star: Super Stretch Chrysler 300 (Seats 12)Silver Bullet: Super Stretch Chrysler 300 (Seats 12)Dodge Charger Super Stretch (Seats 12)Phaeton: Ford Model AExcalibur: Ultra Stretch (Seats 10)Passenger Van (Seats 10)Passenger Vans (Seats 12 & 14)Joey: Vintage Trolley (Seats 24)Dolly: Limousine Trolley (Seats 24)Jolly: Limousine Trolley (Seats 36)Entourage Limo Coach (Seats 20-28)Ambassador Limo Liner Coach (Seats 32)


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All balances must be paid one month in advance, unless you are placing a reservation within a month of your occasion, for which we then accept balance in cash, money order, or bank check. For all other occasions, balances can be paid by bank check or cash before the occasion, or paid to your chauffeur. All major credit cards can be used for deposit or the whole amount up front. After 24 hours, deposits are non-refundable. Company may extend the use of a deposit for the same value for up to one year. Diamonds Limousine Service and the Division of Ambassador Transportation does not take final balances on credit cards. Thank you.

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